Wednesdays with Wallenfang

March 2022

iGod: The Art of Autobiography and Identity Part I

March 9, 2022

8:30-9:30PM ET

Based on Dr. Wallenfang’s 2021 book iGod: A Hidden and Fragmentary Autobiography, this webinar series will introduce participants to the power of autobiography and personal confession for evangelization. Reference will be made to passages in this book in order to invite participants to claim their own personal stories as a key ingredient within their missionary task of evangelization.

Outcome:  Participants will be challenged to identify specific memories from their childhood that bear abundant meaning for their lives today. The autobiographical technique of “hermeneutics of retrieval” will be introduced so as to form a foundation of narrative identity-shaping.

iGod: The Art of Autobiography and Identity Part II

March 16, 2022

8:30-9:30PM ET

Part II of this webinar series will concentrate on Gestalt theory as it relates to composing an autobiographical narrative in the service of evangelization. Relating fragmentary memories to the greater whole of one’s life overcomes the threat of disequilibrium and contributes to the stability of personal identity.

Outcome:  Participants will be prompted to reflect on their adolescent experiences that continue to have significance for the present. A coordination of identity formation will begin to take shape from that typically turbulent time between childhood and adulthood. 

Did you miss the previous webinars?  No worries, you can still attend parts III & IV.  

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iGod: The Art of Autobiography and Identity Part III

March 23, 2022

8:30-9:30PM ET

Part III of this webinar series will highlight those pivotal moments of conversion within life’s continuum. Can you remember those times in your life when you experienced deep conversion to Christ? This webinar will draw the sharp contrast between those episodes moving from darkness to light that seal the irreducible character of personal existence. Special reference will be made to the “Book of Shadows” of Saint Augustine’s Confessions.

Outcome:  Participants will be provoked to identify their personal encounters of conversion that have happened throughout the course of their lives. While not asked to share any personal testimony during these webinar sessions, participants will be prompted to rediscover those defining moments that have shaped who they are to this day.

iGod: The Art of Autobiography and Identity Part IV

March 30, 2022

8:30-9:30PM ET

The final webinar of this 4-part series will focus on the art of sharing one’s personal testimony as a primary vehicle of evangelization. When several striking scenes are brought together across the whole of one’s life, they make a mosaic of meaning that reflects the redemptive narrative of Jesus Christ.

Outcome:  Participants will be accompanied in the final stage of the art of autobiography and identity formation: synthesis and storytelling. By gathering up the fragments of life’s journey, the journey itself is enriched and redeemed.                                                  

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